The FIFA 19 Quiz

FIFA 19 could be the epitome of the franchise. With The Journey taking us to new heights, new Leagues making an appearance for the first time and control over the ball feeling more responsive and enjoyable than ever, this really feels like the beautiful game. But how much do you know about FIFA 19 and the extended franchise? Reckon you’re a bit of a football aficionado, aye? Well, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test.

For those who’ve been with the series for many years, you’ll recall the pre-determined era of gameplay. FIFA games used to have a set number of parameters available for particular situations, much to the frustration of gamers. Of course, you could almost always score from certain locations which was a lot of fun, but it meant that we could see patterns emerge following a few hours with the games. It wasn’t until FIFA 08 that the situation remained unchanged. Nowadays, we can look forward to a variety of unpredictable AI reactions.