World Famous Figures: The Quiz

Perhaps you're a celebrity know-it-all or a history buff with a sharp knowledge of historical figures? Or maybe you are a sports fanatic and know the ins and outs of every sport and its professional athletes? It's one thing to know about famous people in a certain area and another to know about a range of renowned figures from both the past and present, however. From identifying familiar faces to knowing specific details, this 40-question multiple-choice quiz will test your knowledge of noteworthy actors, models, athletes, politicians, inventors, and musicians. Think you can handle this famous figures challenge? It's time to find out!

Sacha Baron Cohen is known for his outrageous, controversial film roles. While filming “Borat,” the FBI received numerous reports about a terrorist traveling around the U.S. in an ice cream truck. The Bureau even opened up a file on Cohen’s Kazakh character.

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