The Be Cool 70s Quiz

How’s it hanging? Sandwiched between flower power and power hair is the decade where we learned to “keep on truckin’” and “boogie down”. Just how much do you know about the days of disco? Or is it more your style to rock Dr. Martens and leather? It was the decade of dance, scandal, protest and soul train—so whether you’re more flares or spikey hair, keep it real and see how you score in our 5-question quickfire Be Cool 1970s Quiz.

Burt Reynolds is equally known for some of the roles he turned down at the peak of his fame. These include the role of James Bond, Han Solo in Star Wars, Richard Gere’s part in Pretty Woman, Jack Nicholson’s character in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and even the John McClane character in the Die Hard franchise. Can you imagine just how massive his stardom would have grown to?

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